Connie Ragen Green

Here are Connie's best products and training she talked about with Mike Lamb on The Moneyroom Show.

We highly recommend these information product and coaching from Connie. She is the real deal and you will learn a tremendous amount by discovering what she does and how she does it.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained - As one of the top affiliates for many Internet marketers, Connie explains how she has embraced affiliate marketing and how she has earned huge money by simply promoting other people's products and services.

Affiliate Contest Secrets - Because she is successful as affiliate marketer Connie has won many, many contest prizes offered by some of the biggest product launches. Now she's telling us how she does it over and over again.

How to Write Profitable Short Reports - One of the most important ways to promote, sell and create income online is by writing short reports. Connie shows you how she does it. This is her method for creating success with Special Reports.

Viral Report Marketing - This takes you beyond the concept of simple viral marketing. Connie employs this concept for every program and product she promotes online. Her system is explained inside this product.

Squidoo Mini Sites - Anyone can create free sites to promote products on, but Connie has created an entire business using Squidoo. Get the insider secrets on how she does it and let her walk you through step-by-step for creating your own money0-making Squidoo pages. Killer information!

How to Market for Small Business - This is information every small business owner should know and use. Most busimess owners have "no clue" how to market their business and themselves effectively. As a successful small business owner, Connie Green knows what it takes to market her business. She will show you what's important now and what you need to be doing today to build your brand, create more revenue and build the small business of your dreams. Simple, doable steps to build your business.

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